DIY Natural Sunscreen for Summer Days

There is nothing quite as lovely as a long late summer day at the beach. I love the warm salty water, the sun on my skin, the shade of the striped umbrella, the sound of the waves, the freckles, the smoothies, the watermelon, etc. Most of all I love the way we allow ourselves to embrace the present moment when it is absolutely too hot to do anything else. Since having children my experience at the beach is less novel reading and more applying sunscreen, surrendering the sand in and on everything (I do put up a good fight though), and finally watching the way my daughter is completely filled with contagious happiness from head to toe. She does, however, have the palest skin I have ever seen and there is only so much that umbrellas, hats, rash guards and swimsuits can do, so sunscreen is a must. I opted to skip all the toxic chemical stuff and make my own. It came out so great! It works better than anything else I have used (very water resistant). It is amazingly nourishing for the skin and has the added benefit of making you or your little one smell like chocolate. Here’s the basic recipe.

2 ounces beeswax
2 ounces cocoa butter
2 ounces coconut oil (or 1 ounce coconut and 1 ounce shea butter)
2 ounces liquid oil (I use a combination of Jojoba, argan and carrot seed which all have natural SPF properties)
2 ounces non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide
Kitchen scale
Double boiler (I use a glass bowl over a small pot of simmering water)
Squeeze tubes
You can get all these ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs except the Zinc which you can get here.

Homemade sunscreen method
Finely grate the beeswax and weigh out 2 ounces of the grated bits.
In a double boiler, melt the beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil until liquid. Remove from heat.
Slowing whisk in the zinc, stirring until all lumps are gone. When this mixture is slightly cooled, stir in the liquid oil until well combined.
Use a butter knife to scoop the sunscreen into the squeeze bottles. Or store in a glass jar with a lid.

Small Beginnings

Welcome to my newest blog! My aim here is to provide a space to retreat, and find support and inspiration. I’ll be posting everything from natural beauty secrets and meditation techniques, to recipes and tips on how to keep your self and you kids healthy. Join me in this journey of wellness and awareness and together we will nourish the, “attending to great things at small beginnings.” – Lao Tzu